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TURNS out two heads really are better than one. Two people have successfully steered a virtual spacecraft by combining the power of their thoughts - and their efforts were far more accurate than one person acting alone. One day groups of people hooked up to brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) might work together to control complex robotic and telepresence systems, maybe even in space. By

Mind-meld brain power is best for steering spaceships - tech - 01 February 2013 - New Scientist

power up the jaegers baby

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I was just scrolling through my dash and I was like “oh a pacific rim quote - WAIT HOLY SHIT”

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Looking for my Jaeger copilot.

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The wonderful skoptsy (who is one of my favorite artists go check out their beautiful glorious art) let me draw their OC Abbot because they’re awesome @ u @ ahhh this was so much fun to make and I hope you like it, skop ; u ; <3 <3 

I kind of improvised the outfit from teh outfit sketches that were posted recently since there were so many I just made stuff up ; o ; i hope thats okay <3